Lovers of toe beans® unite!

When we came across pet products that we knew could be better, we began researching and making improvements. Nothing but the best for our fur babies! With a focus on being environmentally friendly while using the highest quality ingredients and materials, we ensure you and your family will be safe using our products.

We strive to make your fur baby as happy as possible, because we believe:

Happy Pets = Happy Pet Parents!


Our mission is to improve the lives of every fur family member. We believe passionately in the power of love and joy animals bring. Through better products, pet parent education, advocacy, and a little bit of humor, we strive to help others navigate the challenges of pet parenting.

Toe Beans Company Mission

Check out these adorable toe beans®!

If you’re not already familiar, toe beans are those insanely adorable squishy pads on the bottom of your cat or dog’s paws!
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