A few Simple Solutions to Stop Binging & Purging

Up close of white cat eating a piece of food

Do you have a fur baby that gobbles up their food in a flash only to regurgitate it a few minutes later?  This is actually a more common issue than one might think, but there are some simple solutions you can do to help.  As with any unusual vomiting, it’s always best to see your vet first to rule out causes that may be health related.

OPTION 1:  Separate your fur babies at feeding time

Do you have more than one fur baby?  So many of us do, and it only makes sense to feed them all in the same location.  The problem with this is that it can cause competition for one fur baby to eat as quickly as possible in order to move on to the next bowl.  If you have an aggressor, the pushover might be inclined to eat quickly before the bully comes to steal his/her food.  I like to try placing bowls out of direct eyesight of each fur ball, so they focus on their food and not competing.

OPTION 2:  Change your dish to a puzzle feeder

If your fur baby is in a race alone to finish a meal, try using a puzzle feeder.  These funny looking bowls come in all different patterns, some with nubs and crevices, all which force your fur baby to slow down to get the food out of the bowl.  Now that the surface area is reduced, your fur baby will have to be more thoughtful about how to get the food out of the bowl.

OPTION 3:  Introduce interactive toys as a part of meal time

Consider putting some of your fur baby’s daily meal allocation into toys so that s/he has to work to get the food.  Like the bowls, this slows the consumption rate.  I love this option because it also helps burn off some extra energy and plays into their hunt and capture instincts.  You can buy one of the options in the store or make your own!  Let your creativity run wild!

Do you have any clever ideas to slow down your fast eater?

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