Springing Forward with your Fur Baby

Orange cat jumping through grass

It’s that dreaded time of year… if you live in an area that follows daylight savings time, you’re waking up today after losing one precious hour of sleep.  We as humans don’t take well to losing sleep, but have you ever wondered how it might impact your fur baby?  For them, it’s generally just the opposite feeling!


If you’re like us, your fur baby is fed on a specific schedule.  While it might cause a little confusion at first, what’s better than getting your breakfast an hour earlier that you expected?  Plan to see some additional excitement when you show up early with a bowl full of yumminess!

Potty Time

Kitties are easy in this respect, when they have to go a litter box is always ready.  Your pup on the other hand will be pleasantly surprised when they get to on their morning walk an hour earlier.  This is especially nice for older pups who might be extra anxious to go out in the morning after a long night cooped up.


Bedtime is where things can get a little tricky.  Our fur babies use their circadian rhythm, i.e. body clock to know when it’s time to sleep.  When you attempt to turn in an hour earlier than usual your fur baby may not be ready to join you.  A great solution to help them prepare for their new bedtime is to have a rigorous play session before bed.  This will help expel any excess energy so crawling into bed will be a welcomed request.

When it comes to falling back the experience can be quite the opposite, but we’ll chat about that when autumn rolls around! In the meantime, tell us, does your fur baby have trouble springing forward?  What do you do to help?

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