4 Common Mistakes People Make with Dry Pet Food

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Big bags, small bags, and containers galore.  Read through the sections below to find out common mistakes you might be making when you store your fur baby’s food.

Feeding Expired Food

Do you ever look at the expiration date on that big bad of food?  I was always inclined to buy the biggest bag of food as possible.  It saved me frequent trips to the store and things tend to be cheaper when you buy in bulk.  These are both very valid reasons, but they shouldn’t outweigh the time it takes for you to go through the bag.  If you can’t use the entire bag before the expiration date, opt for a smaller size so it stays fresh.

Throwing Out the Bag

There are sever issues here.  1) The bag helps maintain the freshness of the food, 2) It contains the expiration date so you’re not feeding rancid old food, and 3) It contains a barcode that you’ll want to reference in the event of a recall.  If you choose to toss the bag, jot down the last two items so you have them for reference.

Exposing the Food to Air

This goes along with throwing out the bag.  Many of us transfer dry food into a reusable container.  While it likely has a lid, you can’t squeeze out the air, which can speed up the decomposition rate and increase the rate of growth of dangerous bacteria.  Your best bet it to keep the food in the original bag so you can squeeze the air out and clip it closed after each feeding.  Really love that container?  Stick the full bag inside instead!

Exposing the Food to Sunlight

Dry food comes in an opaque bag for a reason, it blocks out sunlight.  Just like air, sunlight can speed up the decomposition rate and increase the rate of growth of dangerous bacteria.  If you’re set on using a storage container, choose one that is not clear or keep it in a dark place away from windows.

Tell me, how do you store your dry food?  Do you keep track of the expiration date?  What about recalls?

2 Replies to “4 Common Mistakes People Make with Dry Pet Food”

  1. In the bag clipped in a container.out of light. But I admit, I do Not ever keep track of the expiration date. I take about a weeks worth from the bag and put into another food grade container that is not in the light.

  2. I have the plastic reusable containers. That i transfer the food into But we do keep it away from light. And i check the date before i buy it. because we get the big bag because we feed ours and we feed the outside ones .

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