Most Common Situations Where Your Fur Baby Needs Help Grooming

Brown dog getting groomed in bathtub

How do you keep your fur baby clean on a daily basis?

I tend to think of doggies when it comes to bathes because kitties have such impeccable self-grooming habits… but what about the little day-to-day cleanings?  How do you manage those?  Here are some of the most common scenarios that come to mind:

Dirty paws:  Many pup parents will wipe down their baby’s paws after a long walk.  This is an especially good practice during the winter months when chemicals are spread on the sidewalks to melt ice and prevent slipping.  No one wants their pup to lick that off their paws or track it through the house!

Skin folds:  Both kitties and doggies come in the smooshed face and wrinkled skin varieties and therefore require cleaning of the skin folds and wiping the face to maintain safe bacterial levels and a healthy coat.

Long fur:  Does your fur baby ever get “cling-ons?”  You know those little “gifts” that grab hold instead of falling off nicely into the litter box?  If you have a long-haired cat, I know you know what I’m talking about.  Does this ever happen with doggies???

Potty training:  If you’ve ever had a young pup or kitten in the house, you know that sometimes they need a little help cleaning up after a messy potty event.  Fosters of new furry mommas know this all too well as it takes time for the little one to learn to self-groom.

Seniors and geriatrics:  As your fur baby ages their grooming habits often start to decline.  While a daily bath may be impractical often a little wipe down can make a huge difference.  You may see oily fur, dander build up, bits of food stuck in their fur, and/or assistance needed after a potty visit. 

Do you use anything to help clean your fur babies?  Damp cloth? Baby wipes?  Pet wipes?  Something else?

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