Funny Face; Dental Issues – What Experience has Taught Us

Up close of dilute calico with green eyes

In the last couple of days, I noticed Sosa was making a funny face I had never seen before; she was biting her upper lip.  I just thought hmmm that’s odd.  I saw it briefly 2 maybe 3 times before I thought something isn’t right here.  So, I took a peek in her mouth and noticed a missing upper canine!

Thankfully she didn’t seem to be in any pain, although cats are notorious for hiding even the most serious ailments, so it’s hard to know for sure.  She was eating fine, but I knew a vet appointment was in our near future, so I called and got her on the schedule.

Here I thought she had lost the tooth, it turns out it broke!  My wonderful vet Dr. Smith carefully performed a full exam and recommended a good cleaning and removal of the broken tooth and at least one other.  So, we proceeded with the pre-op bloodwork and will sit tight while we wait for results.

Mind you Sosa is 15, going on 16 years old, so she’s no spring chicken.  She has stable Stage 2 kidney disease, presumably Irritable Bowel Disease (more bloodwork to come), and slightly elevated heart values.  A lot to consider when it comes to undergoing anesthesia.

Having gone through this with my Moo almost 2 years ago to the date, I feel very confident in the vet that will perform the surgery.  At the time my Moosie boy was 16, had hyperthyroidism and diabetes.  Different ailments, but still higher risk.  He made out amazing and while I’ll be super nervous the day Sosa undergoes surgery, I’m conservatively optimistic that she will be fine as well.

A few takeaways:
  • See something out of the ordinary? Always investigate to determine the cause.
  • Don’t assume “normal” behavior means your fur baby is not in pain.
  • Always consult a professional when you think something may not be normal for your fur baby.

Stay tuned as we follow Sosa’s progress during Pet Dental Health Month to learn how to take care of your fur baby’s teeth.  In the meantime, take a peek at your fur baby’s teeth to see if they may need a good cleaning.

Has your fur baby ever broken a tooth?  How did you notice?

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