5 Best DIY Holiday Gifts for your Cat and Dog

The holidays can be expensive, so what better way to save money than DIY presents?  Below you’ll find some of the easiest toys to make for your fur babies with supplies you can find around your house.

Fetch and Tug Toy

Black dog sitting with DIY toy

We all have old ball toys laying around that have seen better days.  Go grab an old t-shirt and turn that ball into a brand new toy!

Supplies: 1 T-Shirt, 1 Tennis Ball

View the step by step tutorial here.

Foraging Box

Cat playing with toy made from shoe box

This is one of my favorite ideas that can be made out of almost any box you have laying around.  Cut some holes, throw in some toys and treats and watch your kitty spend hours at play!

Supplies: 12-pack cardboard soda carton, Scissors, X-acto knife, Glue (or hot glue gun), Decorative or duct tape, Paper towel tube; Optional Supplies: 2 pipe cleaners, Bamboo skewers, Crafting feathers

View the step by step tutorial here.

Cat T-Shirt Tent

White cat posing in tent made from t-shirt

Ever buy one of those expensive kitty cubes only to find it ignored?  Save your money and try this awesome alternative!

Supplies: 2 wire hangers, 4 safety pins, a piece of cardboard, and a T-shirt.

View the step by step tutorial here.

T-Shirt Rope Toy

Yellow lab posing with rope made from a t-shirt

I’m big on donating clothes that no longer fit, but what about items with holes?  Cut those items up and turn them into a new toy!

Supplies: 2 t-shirts, scissors

View the step by step tutorial here.

Frozen Peanut Butter and Banana Treats

Dogging licking home made frozen treat

Do you have a kitty or pup with a sensitive stomach?  I love freezing small amounts of wet food.  It’s a nice spin on something you already know they like!

Supplies: 2 over ripe bananas, 1 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup xylitol free peanut butter, Ice cube tray

View the step by step tutorial here.

Have you ever made a gift for your fur baby? Share a picture!

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