5 Surprising Facts Cats & Dogs Have in Common!

White puppy and kitten sitting on a bench

When people think of cats and dogs, they tend to see their differences more than what they have in common.  Here are a few fun facts that are true for both cats and dogs!

Did you know…

1.  …the pattern on a cat’s and dog’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint?

Just like no two humans are alike the same goes for cats and dogs.  We can all be uniquely identified!

2.  …kittens and puppies are born blind and deaf?

That’s right, both kittens and puppies are born with their eyes shut and their ears folded blocking their ear canals.  This essentially leaves them blind and deaf for their first couple of weeks of life while they continue to mature and develop!

3.  …cats and dogs sweat through their paw pads?

Unlike humans, cats and dogs don’t sweat all over their bodies, only on the bottom of their feet!  So, on especially hot days if you see little damp paw prints being left behind, give your baby a break from the heat and a nice big bowl of water.

4.  …cats and dogs have 3 eyelids in each eye?

Generally, you only see the upper and lower external lids, but your fur baby also has a 3rd internal eyelid often referred to as the haw!  If you do see the inner lid consult with your vet as this often indicates illness.

5.  …both a cat and a dog have been to space?

The first doggy in space was in 1957.  He was a stray from The Soviet Union named Laika.  While he was the first animal to orbit the earth, sadly he did not survive the trip.  The first kitty in space was in 1963.  She was from France and known as C 341 prior to flight, and Felix or Félicette upon her return!

Did any of these facts surprise you?  Can you think of any other fun things cats and dogs have in common??

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